Author Leslie WheelerI write books about ordinary modern women who are thrust into extraordinarily dangerous situations, where they must find the inner strength to both survive and prevail. In all my books, time and place are such powerful presences that they become key characters driving the story forward. I want you to experience my landscapes, whether it’s early morning on the mist-shrouded Gettysburg battlefield, when the funereal calm is pierced by a rebel yell that seems to emanate from deep within the killing fields of the dead; or twilight at a desolate swamp on the Berkshires’ Rattlesnake Hill, when brown hillocks become burial mounds, and ragged tree trunks rise from the water like ghosts from generations long gone. I guarantee that the journey I will take you on is not for the faint-hearted.

My two series are the Miranda Lewis Living History Mysteries and the Berkshire Hilltown Mysteries, featuring Kathryn Stinson.

I also write short stories, many of which have been published in anthologies.

Welcome to my world of mystery fiction. I hope you’ll visit often.

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-64599-385-8

eBook ISBN: 978-1-64599-386-5 $4.99

Wolf Bog

It’s August in the Berkshires, and the area is suffering from a terrible drought. As wetlands dry up, the perfectly preserved body of a local man, missing for forty years, is discovered in Wolf Bog by a group of hikers that includes Kathryn Stinson. Who was he and what was his relationship with close friend […]

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