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Day of the Dark, Stories of Eclipse, edited by Kaye George

An anthology of twenty-four stories by mystery writers and others in celebration of the August 21st total solar eclipse in the United States, it takes us from light to dark to light again, in much the way the eclipse does. These stories, by award-winning as well as newer authors, celebrate and explore the many mysteries that reveal themselves under the umbra of this special event.

The anthology features Leslie’s story, “Chasing the Moon,” which follows four characters in different places along the path of totality as they view the eclipse, each finding some sense of resolution as the moon passes in front of the sun.


“ . . .enthralling and entirely unique stories revolving around such a rare event. Whether you were able to see the total solar eclipse or not, you will enjoy these eerie, suspenseful, and often ominous tales all occurring when day turns to night and the skies become dark.”

—Cynthia Chow, Kings River Life Magazine

“But one of my favorite stories in the collection is Leslie
Wheeler’s “Chasing the Moon,” which focuses
on several groups of people in different states
as the eclipse sweeps across the US, from
Madras, Oregon, to Columbia, South Carolina.
For some, it’s a wonderful event; for others,
not so much.”

—Betty Webb, Small Press, Reviewing the Indpendents - Mystery Scene Magazine