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Hardcover ISBN: 9781594142888

Paperback ISBN: 0-373-26590-5

Murder at Gettysburg

For the devoted, some might say obsessive, Civil War reenactors, authenticity is key—right down to the specifics of dying on the battlefield. Except for real bullets. So when hard-core Confederate reenactor Wiley Cross dies during the annual Fourth of July reenactment of Pickett’s Charge, foul play is suspected.

For historian Miranda Lewis, the bizarre incident is personal. The dead man is the estranged husband of her good friend, and soon Miranda is drawn into the curious, often misunderstood, world of reenactors as she attempts to find out who shot—and poisoned— Wiley. The clues span the passions of a bygone era, and the enduring human foibles of hatred and revenge, leading Miranda on a perilous reenactment of a murder… where her own historical accuracy could prove fatal.


“… readers will enjoy how Murder at Gettysburg provides insight as to what happens behind the scenes at a reenactment . . . the entertaining amateur sleuth story line grips the audience until the heroine risks her life confronting the killer.”

—Reviewer, Harriet Klausner

“. . .a great summer read for history/mystery buffs. . . Read and enjoy this patriotic mystery.”

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“. . .a very readable book. Miranda Lewis is a likable heroine and the use of first-person narrative is engaging . . . This is a book mystery fans and history buffs alike should enjoy, not to mention anyone who has ever tried to get through Gettysburg on a summer day when the re-enactors are in town — and wanted to kill someone.”

—Ann Diviney, The Evening Sun

“History and homicide combine to create an explosive-and thoroughly entertaining-tale of murder and mayhem on the modern-day Gettysburg battlefield.”

—Joanne Dobson, author of The Maltese Manuscript

“Leslie Wheeler sucks you right into the fascinating world of Civil War buffs and battle recreations-in Murder at Gettysburg, she puts her own spin on ‘reenacting the crime.’ “

—Toni L.P. Kelner, author of Wed and Buried

“The twists and turns in the book keep us guessing until the end . . . a good read that kept my interest all the way through.”

—Sara Berger, Mysterious Women.