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Leslie Wheeler is a transplanted California who has lived in the Northeast for many years and has strong New England roots. A graduate of Stanford University with a master's in English from UC/Berkeley, Leslie has taught adult education, worked as an in-house writer and editor for Barron's Educational Series, then as a free lance writer specializing in history and biography for both the school and trade markets.

An award-winning author of books about American history and biographies, Leslie now writes the Miranda Lewis “living history” mystery series. Titles include MURDER AT PLIMOTH PLANTATION,  MURDER AT GETTYSBURG, and the recently published, MURDER AT SPOUTERS POINT. Her short crime fiction has appeared in the anthologies: WINDCHILL, SEASMOKE, STILL WATERS, DEADFALL and THIN ICE, all published by Level Best Books, to which she is now a contributing editor. Leslie is a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime, serving as Speakers Bureau Coordinator for the New England Chapter. Leslie and her family, which includes a teenage son, a cat and a host of fictional characters, divide their time between Cambridge, Massachusetts and the Berkshires. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening and going out on other people’s sailboats—provided they do all the work.

Writing "living history" mysteries enables Leslie to combine a passion for American history, an enjoyment of the mystery genre, and a lifelong love of storytelling in all forms. Read more at



Murder at Spouters Point (hardcover) Five Star/Gale/Cengage, 2010
Murder at Gettysburg, (paperback) Worldwide Library, 2007
Murder at Gettysburg, Five Star, May, 2005
Murder at Plimoth Plantation, (paperback) Worldwide Mystery, March, 2005
Murder at Plimoth Plantation, (hardcover) Larcom Press, November, 2001



America: The People and the Dream, (coauthor) Scott,Foresman, l990
American Social Leaders, (coauthor) ABC-CLIO, l993
Communities Near and Far, Scott, Foresman, l988
Exploring United States History, (coauthor) Globe Book Company, l986
Jane Addams, Silver Burdett Press, l990
Jimmy Who? (biography of former President Carter), Barron's, l976
Loving Warriors, Selected Letters of Lucy Stone and Henry B. Blackwell, Dial Press, l981
Rachel Carson, Silver Burdett Press, l99l
Women in the U.S. Workforce: 1876-1914, (coauthor) Globe Book Company, 1994



"Gertrude Atherton: Montana and the Lady Novelist", Montana, the Magazine of Western History, Winter, l977
"Henry B. Blackwell, Woman Suffrage's Gray-bearded Champion Comes to Montana",Montana, the Magazine of Western History, Summer, l98l
"Lucy Stone: Radical Beginnings, Feminist Theorists, ed. Dale Spender, Pantheon Books, l983
"Lucy Stone, Wife of Henry Blackwell",American History Illustrated, December, l981
"Mary MacLane: Montana's Notorious Lit'ry Lady", Montana, the Magazine of Western History, Summer, l977
"The Orphan Trains", American History Illustrated, December, l983



“Dead Man’s Shoes” Thin Ice: Crime Stories by New England Writers, 2010
"Twenty-One Days," Deadfall: Crime Stories by New England Writers, November, 2008
"Visual Field" Still Waters: Crime Stories by New England Writers, November, 2007
"Skystalker" Seasmoke: Crime Stories by New England Writers, November, 2006
"Neighbors" Windchill: Crime Stories by New England Writers, October, 2005
"The Proposal", New England Writer's Network Magazine (NEWN), autumn, 2004

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October 20, 2010
Contact: Leslie Wheeler

Five Star Publishing™ Announces A New Release From
The Author of Murder at Plimoth Plantation and Murder at Gettysburg

The grisly murder of a visiting yachtsman, allegedly by a local Indian, rocks a seacoast town and severely tests the loyalties of a white woman and her Native lover. When Miranda Lewis, a workaholic writer of American history books, and her boyfriend, Nate Barnes, a hot-tempered Native American activist, visit friends—hers at a maritime museum on the Rhode Island coast, and his at a nearby Native-owned gambling casino—neither anticipates the storm that breaks when Miranda’s friend’s fiancé is murdered and Nate’s friend is the chief suspect. Miranda’s quest for the truth not only puts her at odds with Nate, but with her own friends. It also leads her deep into the victim’s past, and ultimately to a life-and-death struggle with a crazed killer.

Murder at Spouters Point ($25.95) ISBN:978-159414-8866

“. . . an entertaining Rhode Island amateur sleuth mystery that focuses on the modern divide between whites and Native Americans.”
Harriet Klausner

“ . . . offers us a look at an unusual subject: Indian-run casinos and a view of prejudice . . . . has much to offer in history, setting and relationships as well as a mystery brimming with surprise.”
Connie’s Reviews

“. . . blends suspense, romance, and Native American folklore with a dynamic storyline and vivid characterizations; the end result, a truly winning combination.”
Brenda Scott,

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